Help!! What is this??


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
We think this polish jumped and touched her head on the heat lamp when she was little, and we treated with antibiotic ointment and kept her away from the others until it wasn't red. Now it seems to be flaring up again!! And the feathers aren't coming in. This has been about 3 months now!
Anyone know if I was wrong? Maybe it wasn't a burn?


There is a type of mite that likes the crest feathers- I would look at the skin and feathers in that area very closely, with a magnifying glass if you have one- they look like moving dots, but can be seen with the naked eye. Treat if you see the bugs.

What I would guess is happening is the others are pecking the area. If it got better away, and now is coming back now that they are together- I would sit and watch for 30min and see who is picking/pecking/plucking. If it is that, then separate again until healed, give them more interesting things to peck/pick/shred like wheat grass, veggie bits, grass clippings (clean of fertilizer/chemicals ect), maybe buy some of the blue spray from the feed store folks are so fond of. Red is very attractive to other birds and they will peck it, whether it is a tomato, watermelon or a chick's noggin or other injured area....
i am not an expert AT ALL but I do have 4 white crested black polish and from time to time the other chickens will pluck their head feathers. If it gets bad I give the polish a "hair cut" and your bird is what mine look like when it is growing back.
I will check for mites, but I think it might be the others pecking....darn it! I hate to seperate her!! but, maybe if she is nice enough I can put her in with the little blue jerseys I just got to heal???
You can dab some pine tar (gooey, dark, nasty-tasting stuff usually used to condition horse hooves but is also good for healing wounds) on her head and there's a good chance the others will stop picking at her.
I had to part with my white crested roo because some of my hens would not leave his top hat alone

They plucked and plucked till he bleed. He would just stand there and let them do it to. I hope that is not your issue with your bird. Good Luck.
It's my son's bird, he would be so upset!! I hope that isn't the case, sorry that happend to you!

We have two golden laced polish that have fine heads!! I don't know why this poor girl gets picked on!!

I will try the pine tar if I can find it today.

Thank you!!
I have 16 bantam polish that are 4 months old. 6 or 7 of them look just like your bird. They are being pecked at. They are free range, so they are not too confined, so that isn't the problem. I've tried the Rooster Booster no pick lotion( I think that's the name). They walk around with purple heads, and it does no good at all. Someone told me to use old used motor oil, but I haven't tried it. I'm just not sure about putting that on my chicken's heads. I'm going to try some of the pine tar. I think I have some for the horses.


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