HELP!!!!! What kind of chicken is this. NEED TO KNOW IMMEDIATELY.


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I have 4 bantams that I need to know what breed it is before fair which is 9-10-13. The top 3 are roosters and the bottom one is a hen.


I don't know about the 1st or 3rd, but the 2nd looks like Golden Sebright and the 4th looks like a speckled sussex.
1 looks like a Belgian booted variety, possible a porcelain d'uccle, I would need to see a better picture though, preferably from the front
2 is a golden Sebright
3 is a silver duckwing oegb
4 looks to be a Mille fleur d'uccle but I would like to see a picture of her from the front as well to be certain
1-porcelian or self blue (cant tell) booted d'uccle
2-golden sebright
3- silver duckwing old english game bantam
4-and i also think it looks like a mille fleur d'uccle but need a better pic
#1 Is a Porcelain d'Uccle cockerel.
#2 Is a very poor quality golden Sebright.
#3 Is a Silver Duckwing OEGB.
#4 Is a Mille Fleur d'Uccle pullet.

I would like to know though. If you didn't know the breeds of these birds, why are you showing them?
#1 is definitely a porcelain. You can see the peachy color as well which isn't on a blue.

The rest, I haven't looked up as adults much, more trying to sex my peeps of a couple of those breeds, lol.

I'm curious how/why you'd show if you don't know the breeds a week beforehand, too. Not being nasty about it, I'm just not sure how that can even be possible?
#1: Porcelain Belgian Bearded D'Uccle
#2: Golden Sebright.
#3: Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam
#4: Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded D'Uccle

Just a note: Your Sebright is not show-quality; it will get disqualified when shown. Sebrights should be hen-feathered. This means that the males shouldn't have pointed sickle, hackle, and back feathers like other roosters. Instead, they will have the rounded feathers of a hen. When showing chickens, male feathering in a hen-feathered breed is a disqualification

Your other chickens, from what I can tell, have no disqualifications. But they too are not that great of show-birds.

Still, good luck at your show!
#1 is a Porcelain Belgian Bearded D'Uccle
#2 is a pet quality Golden Sebright. He will likely get disqualified at a show, as he has sickle feathers in his tail. Sebrights are supposed to be hen feathered (that means no hackles or sickle feathers in the male).
#3 is a Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam. How old is he? As a heads-up, if he's over a year of age (so, a cock), he'd get disqualified at a real show. Cock OEGB are supposed to be dubbed. This means that their comb, wattles, and earlobes are cut off.
#4 is a Millie Fleur Belgian Bearded D'Uccle

Have fun at the show!
Here are more pics

As for how I will show them our fair doesn't require us to know the breed of the chicken but you get extra points if you do.
As for why I am showing them without knowing what breed they are is because last year I was showing regular size chickens and I was having problems showing them. so this year I wanted to show bantams and TSC had mixed bantams for a good price so I got 6 of them.
1. Porcelain Belgian Bearded d'Uccle bantam
2. Golden Sebright bantam
3. Silver Duckwing Old English Game bantam
4. Mille Fluer Belgian Bearded d'Uccle bantam

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