Help, what should I do with chick


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Garner, NC
So my chick made its first peep this past Saturday morning around 5am. The chick tried and tried but never made any progress come Sunday night around 8:30 pm. Here chirps were getting faint so I decided we should try and at least help. Well not so sure that was a great idea. We broke away the shell with no problem. Then the membrane and there was no bleeding. The chick did have some clear and yellow stuff near the chicks bottom. Well anyway, as of this morning the chick is still laying down not moving, appears to not be drying like there is something that has dried on her/him. The chick has eyes open and is chirping but not moving. Any suggestions on what to do and if I can help. I have separated the chick form the others.

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