Help what to put in run


Jan 4, 2019
Hello. I’ve done research and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what to use for the run. I have an 10x10 which has a chicken house in it but for the run where the chickens are what can I put in to help with the poop? I was using straw but read that can kill the chickens. Idk what to use
Wood chips work great or natural undyed mulch. You can also add leaves and yard/garden waste. Chicken poop will degrade into the mixture, you shouldn't have any bad odors and it shouldn't draw flies. As the material breaks down or it gives off bad odors add more, keep it 3 - 6 inches deep. The chickens will love scratching through it and dust bathing.

I keep mine deeper 6 - 12 inches.

I was using straw but read that can kill the chickens.
Ehhh...that's not true, unless it gets full of's the mold that can kill them not the straw.

My runs have semi-deep litter(cold composting), never clean anything out, just add smaller dry materials on occasion, add larger wood chippings as needed.
Aged ramial wood chippings are best IMO.

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