HELP! What's Wrong With Her?


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Mar 14, 2018
Does anyone know what's wrong with our Rhode Island red girl? We are new to chicken diseases and can't figure out why she's losing her feathers in that one spot. Is it common? We spray is at least once a week with wound spray for chickens but it doesn't seem to be working.


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That appears to be feather loss due either to over mating by a rooster, or feather picking by other hens. The pecking of feathers may occur due to overcrowding, a lack of protein in the diet, or from boredom from not getting outside to roam.
What do you feed? I would feed either layer feed 16-17% protein, or flock raiser 20%, and increase the protein for a couple of weeks with a gamebird starter which is 24% protein.
Some hens can start feather picking, and others may join in. It can be a habit. I would try a hen apron/saddle which you can buy or make to cover her back. Many times the feathers will not grow back until after they molt.

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