HELP! What's wrong with her???

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    Jan 27, 2011
    Is she blind or?? I have my little hen who has some serous leg issues, can't walk, all sorts of stuff. Until now she's always been content and happy could even scoot/roll herself around the house and get into plenty of trouble even if she couldn't walk.

    Yesterday she didn't want to eat, and i noticed she's loosing weight...she gets specially cooked egg and oatmeal with vitamins in it. This morning she ate and then i let her hang out in the grass this afternoon in the sun and she seemed content.

    now she's acting really weird. shes sitting in her little box sling and he keeps turning her head around and snapping at the air behind her and to the sides. she is not reacting to my hands or food being put in front of her, it's almost as if she's gone blind suddenly. I put some broccoli n her beak and she snatched that up but she can't seem to find it if i leave it in front of her...

    i've been thinking of having her put down lately, she seems to have bad days, then she has really good days... but now if something else is wrong, i don't know if it's fair to make her keep going like this.. does anyone know what could be wrong with her?
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