HELP!! What's wrong with my Roo??

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    Mar 8, 2012
    I just typed this all out and it was erased, so I am retying...My flock was attacked yesterday, my rooster's two hens were killed, my roo survived. Was fine yesterday, walking around, sounding and acting normally. I put him in another coop with 1 other hen, started to seem tired toward the evening, not moving around as much. Now today he won't walk stand or move his lower body. Upper body seems fine, doesn't seem like he's in pain or suffering, didn't seem like anything was broken. Moved his legs while I was holding him so they seem fine, yet he won't use them. Not sure if he's been eating or drinking tried hand feeding and watering him. Took barely any water in. Opens his mouth for food can move his whole upper body around, seemed pretty lifeless in my arms, eyes mostly closed, lying against me. Seemed lighter, when not holding himself up he should have seemed heavier, but I'm not sure how much noticeable weight he could have lost in less than 24 hours...Really looking for any advice, or any one have any idea what this is/what I can do? I haven't noticed any foul smells or different looking/soft stool. Please help ASAP. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!!

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    He is likely suffering from the delayed effects of shock. Keep him warm, dry, quiet and hydrated. If he survives the next 12-24 hours he will likely be OK, but stress is very dangerous to birds.

    Are you sure there were no injuries to him? Just because he has no obvious wounds does not mean he didn't take a beating. A good chomp by a large animal may not leave any teeth marks, but can do irreparable internal damage. Can you give a little more info about what sort of attack happened?

    I am sorry for your losses.

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