Help! Wheezing hen--seems like she can't get air--Edit: She Died :(

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    My 10 month old Black Star wouldn't come out of the coop today and was stretching her neck and opeing her beak like she was choking. She was standing but wouldn't otherwise move. Her comb looked a little whitish. I brought her inside, looked for an obstruction, poured oil down her throat, fed her bread soaked in water. At one point she couldn't even stand up. I put her outside next to the coop in a dog crate and eventually she did peck around looking for some food. She is now inside in the crate, still standing, and wheezing loudly. She did drink some water (with eletrolytes) and ate some scrambled egg. When I just checked on her I noticed the crate smells foul. Any more suggestions? No chicken vets around here and I have no local sources of antibiotics, although I ordered some online. Up until today she was in perfect health.
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    When I just checked on her I noticed the crate smells foul.

    It wouldn't happen to be her breath that smells, would it? If so, it might be sour crop. Apple Cider Vinegar (a few tablespoons to the gallon of water) is supposed to help.

    That's all I can think of, at any rate. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Hope she'll make a speedy recovery [​IMG]

    You should probably check to see if she has any mites or lice, it most likely wouldn't do something like this, but can't hurt to check.​
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    How is your chicken? I hope she is okay!
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    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately for my little Scarlett, tomorrow will not be another day. I have no idea what was wrong--only that her wheezing got worse. She was still eating, drinking and pooping. I hope my other three will be ok.[​IMG]
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    Another question-- since I don't know why she died (and won't find out) should I dispose of all the eggs in my fridge?

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