Help! White discharge coming out of vent/Update, R.I.P


12 Years
May 18, 2009
Looking for a little helpful info. I am away from my wonderful flock on vacation and my brother is feeding and collecting eggs for me. He called me tonight and says one of my W/BW Ameracu hens was in the corner of the coop and appeared to be dead when he got there this afternoon. He picked her up to take away and when he did she "came to life" as he says. Upon taking a look at her, he says he vent and most of her rear was totally covered in what appeared to be hardened poop. I told him to clean her vent and tried to explain how to check to see if she was egg bound, (he is not has familiar with chickens as I am). He called me back a few hours latter and said he cleaned her best he could and put her in one of the nest so she could be alone for the night since at the time I do not have an empty coop. He went to check her a couple hours after dark to see how she was doing and says there is a constant white fluid running out of her vent. He did the best he could do but had to leave and go home to help his wife with his kids. Any ideas as to what this could be and how to treat her?
I am very thankful for his help but how I wish I was home so I could monitor and take care of her. I think without very special care she is going to die. I do not go home until Sunday. What should I tell him to do? He is very limited since he is working all day and only goes buy for a few minutes to feed evenings.
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Its hard to say but is it possible that the white stuff is from egg broken inside her? or could be gleet. It would be alot easier if we had pictures.
White vent discharge sounds like vent gleet. Here is a link to a thread with information. Hope this helps and good luck with her
Thank you for the replys. If I were home I could post some pics. Hopefully with what little help he can give her she will be ok until I can get home on Sunday and I will be able to help her through this. Just though there might be something that someone on here could tell me to tell him to do that might help until then.

P.S. From what he is telling me I think she as vent gleet????
My brother was able to forward advice on to my mother who tried her best to "Dr" her until I got home but unfortunately she passed away yesterday. Thanks Bro, Mom and everyone on here for your help.
Rest in peace my friend and so sorry you had to suffer

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