HELP!! Why do my baby chicks all die right after I give them water???


6 Years
May 15, 2014
Steuben County NY
It does not matter if the chick hatched in bator or under hen. All my silkie chicks die almost immediately after I give them water for the first time. I have raised many chicks and have never seen this before or ever lost so many chicks. :( I am so upset, why would this be happening? This happened with three hatches.
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How are you "giving them water"? Are you giving water directly into their beaks or are you allowing them to drink naturally from a waterer? If you are using a waterer, what type of waterer are you using? How are you finding your dead birds - away from the water source or in it? Are they wet or dry when they die?
have your water tested asap
I was thinking same thing my older birds, dog and son lizards all drink the water as do me and my family so I am a bit worried. I will use bottle water for next hatch, just didnt know why else this would happen? I have raised many chicks before I moved. Would something in the water effect the chicks but not full sized birds?

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