Help ! Why do the chicks from a trio suddenly start throwing off color chicks?

Aug 10, 2017
We have been breeding a new serama line for a while now. We crossed the black cock with a scant scattering of red feathers in his hackles and saddle over an all black hen w/white earlobes and got stags with more colored feathers in hackle and saddle than cock and pullets all dull black with no white earlobe,

We then cross cock to his F1 daughters for a few months resulting in almost the same outcome as original cock/hen crossing. Baby black chicks with white undersides being the at birth standard. Stags showing increasing amount of red/gold feathering and dull all black pullets. w/o white earlobes

THEN unexpectedly this hatch today was TOTALLY different!!!!!!!!!

There were 3 almost red game looking striped biddies and 6 black biddies [ my imagination says possible blue?] with almost no white patchs but white undercoat was noted.
The hatch rate is consistent with other hatching from this trio at about 70% due to infertiles. 10% dead in shell aprox.

We run and LED light all night in the broodhouse and the temperature did take a turn for the colder during the egg gathering time.

We are still hatching from this trio and will keep post updated.

We are SURE no mistake was made gathering or marking the eggs.
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Any help solving this mystery would be greatly appreciated!
PS: Original hen was destroyed by a "pet" before this pen was set up on 11-1-2020 so she is not involved in these eggs

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