Help!!Why does my pet turkey have foam on his eyes????

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    [​IMG][​IMG][My pet turkey is 1 year 7 months old. He is a BIG boy but he gets around just find he follows us like our dog does. Yesterday morning went to let him out and his eyes were covered in foam. I cleaned out his nostrils, that didnt help. He is kinda coughing I guess. He does the same thing when he eats though so I'm not sure. Help me please we don't have any vets around that deal with any sort of feathered friends.
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    Foam/bubbles in the eyes are usually a symptom of respiratory illness. Which illness/disease? Any number of them! Given that it's also coughing, it's got a respiratory disease.
    It'll most likely be a carrier once recovered, and may 'relapse' into symptoms again under stress. (cold/heat/molting/other stresses)
    If you choose to treat it, go with Tylan 50 injectable or even Denagard (then use it as a monthly 'preventative' to help prevent relapses).
    Any/all birds exposed to this bird will most likely have contracted it... or one or more of them are carriers and infected your turkey. Chances are extremely high that any healthy birds introduced in the future will be infected and become carriers.

    Once the acute stage (active infection) is over and they recover, they will appear healthy and normal unless they have a 'relapse' and show symptoms again.
    The only way to know for sure exactly which of the CRD illnesses it might be would be testing... which is easier to get done in some areas, and nearly impossible to get done in others! Outcome doesn't change, though... would only be helpful if you had to know exactly what it was.
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    My jake's right eye was foaming yesterday morning so I bought some Tylan 50 and gave him 2cc orally yesterday evening. When I gave it to him I noticed there wasn't any foam over his eye then, but don't want to take chances. With people antibiotics are given for a 10 day period. Do we do the same or similar with Tylan 50 for poultry?
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