HELP! Will the chicks die?! How can i tell if.....

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Jul 17, 2011
Canada eh?
My mom put in 3 eggs in the bator for me as a surprise while I was gone at my dads house. Well she put them in at different days so now, with only I week left, I am stressing. They are all alive and healthy so they will hatch but when the time comes to stop turning the eggs how will i do it? Im not sure if this is confusing so I will go straight to the questions.

Okay so since they are each 1 day apart how will I know when to stop turning the eggs because they are all at different days but my mom didnt write on them to tell whos older or younger? Will the chicks die if I stop turning 5 days before hatching? Also will the eggs die if I turn until day 1? Its a tough situation because the eggs are identical so im not sure how to tell them apart. I hope that made sense. It is very stressful right now because we dont know what to do when we have to stop turning the eggs.
Please help,

Try candling to determine development. At only a week left however, they will probably look the same. You could either stop turning as the first egg turns 18 days old and just hope that the other two are okay with not being turned at days 16 and 17. Or you can stop turning on day 19. The main purpose of turning is so the embryo will not adhere itself to the egg shell. However, at this point you may be safe enough to stop turning early. It would cause more harm to stop turning late as the chick will not be positioned correctly in the egg to peep out.

Think of it this way...Do you really think a chicken turns each egg in the nest two to three times a day? This is just a standard way of turning. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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