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    We have a 2 yr old mix that has gone broody for the first time. She always get out of the nesting box for food and water. This morning I was in there and she did not go into the nesting box for about 10 minutes. I took her off the nest and took away all the eggs, along with the fake ones in the other nesting boxes. I also put a very large heavy bristle brush (think of a horse grooming brush, but triple the size) and I turned it upward so if she did sit down, she would be on hard bristles. I watched her for about another 20 minutes, and every time she tried to get back in the box, she realized what was in there, squacked, and jumps back down. She does not try to get in the other boxes, so I am wondering, will leaving the brush in break her?
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    If she doesn't return to any of the nest boxes or anywhere else to set she will eventually break. It is important to keep the hen from setting. It usually takes about a week of not setting before she will return to normal. She needs to sleep on the roost, for instance, not on the floor. She must feel air under her toosh before her desire to set ceases.
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    I've got two broodies right now. a welsummer and a new hampshire red. both are being stubborn and wont break. i was wondering if i went to the farm supply and bought a couple day olds and stuck them in the box with them if it would break then and they would raise the new chicks up?
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    You might wait till they have broody a couple of weeks. Slip the chicks in at night.

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