help with a few of my reds & bantams


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Jun 10, 2009
I was recently given a few birds that I am not sure of the breed or sex. I was hoping to get some help.

Pic #1
Are these 2 girls purebread RIR or some kind of hybrid sex-link

Pic #2
girl or boy? And is it RIR or sex link?

Pic #3
I think these are 2 Dutch bantam hens. Right or wrong? The lighter of the 2 seems to have a 3 way comb begining(or just a small one)

Thanks for the help!!
Any help greatly appreciated! Picture #2 is really my most pressing issue. Whether the chick in the pic is a RIR, and it's sex...
I think #2 is a pullet. and RIR, I have an isa brown which is a sex-link and hes white. Im pry wrong but I think most roos that are sex link are white. Now That I think about it I think my grandpa does have a red roo. Hmmm well I still think its a pullet. and rir. Good luck, she looks like mine.

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