Help with abandoned wild duck egg


7 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Hello I have concerns on an abandoned duck egg my family found on May 21st. At the time I thought it was dead but I put it in a makeshift incubator and a few hours later I had movement and life. Issue is I didn't know how old this egg is. When I first saw the baby it looked like a small bean not just a heart. Well now it's going to be 3 weeks on thursday. I candle everyday but the last 2-3 days I have seen close to no movement at all. There's no small its still is a warm reddish color with a large darker area where the baby is. Not a lot of blood veins there's a big one that's really dark but that's been there for days when when he was moving. The air sack has gotten bigger over the days which I know is normal. I read that I'm suppose to be like misting the egg should I be doing that? I'm worried he passed or isn't doing good. This is my first time actually incubating an egg any information and help would be great please and thank you!!

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