Help with Air sac position?


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Raymore, Missouri
I keep reading that the air sac should be at the fat end of the egg.
My eggs are at either 16 or 18 days depending. Long story.
THe air sacs are all at the pointed ends of my eggs.
Most of them appear to be heading to the air sac (head toward it) Everything I have read says they need to turn.
But will the air sac move too? If not should I just leave it alone. I cut an egg carton and stood them on pointed end. SOme are not really that pointed. I was going to check to night to see if they turned. I got concerned that I was making a mistake as If the chicken turns and the air sac doesn't, then wouldn't they pip into the wrong spot and just die?
I am so worried. this is my first batch and there are two from my girl that got killed. I REALLY don't want to lose them now. Please help.
I would lay them down on their sides, if the air sac is at the pointy end. If you put the air sac down you will for sure kill your chicks. Good luck.
Yes I have never seen the air sac at the pointy end. I would lay them on their sides too. I usually hatch in an egg carton, but I wouldn't if the air sac is on the pointy end.
I decided to leave them on the side. some of them have the air sac in the correct position but I put them all on their sides laying in cupcake pan liners. As of last night they are locked down. Decided this was best since I am not sure if they are due the 29th or 31st. Now all I have to do is panic...want desperately to candle them to check them...wait some more... and pray they all hatch...Right? It's almost like waiting for one of my children to be born! I am constantly checking these eggs, and I have drawn my 19 year old daughter into the insanity!! How nice :)
Go for a walk or something. It is hard to leave them alone. I'm the same way, but I can't stress how important it is to not open the incubator.... don't want to lose all that humidity that is important for hatching. I've got turkey eggs hatching here at school. I've been over here three times today and they have just pipped. They probably won't hatch until tomorrow which will be a day late. The waiting is the hardest part. : ) Good luck!!!

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