Help with Breed/Gender???

Its rather difficult to tell the breed of chickens when they are chicks. Its much easier when they are older. Still, I'll give you my guesses!

The three yellow chicks look like they could be Buff Orpingtons. White rocks or White Leghorns are other possibliities. Chicks of white breeds and chicks of buff breeds look similar when young.

The two blackish chicks might be Silver-laced Wyandottes. I can't see the body of the one on the left, but it could be an Australorp or another black breed if it looks different than the other blackish grey chick.

I'm not sure what the brown one is. Post some mroe photoes in a few weeks, and we'll be able to tell better.
Okay, thanks!!
How old do you think they are?
I wasn't the one who got them, they were a gift & the person didn't ask very many questions about them. i'm really wanting laying hens.
I'd definitely say the two black chicks are Silver Laced Wyandottes. I don't know about the yellow chicks; there are so many breeds of chickens that are white feathered! The dark brown one could be RIR. I'd also guess maybe Barnevelder or Partridge Rock or something to that effect for the dark brown chick. Or wait a little longer till they're feathered out; maybe that would help narrow down the breeds. : )

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