Help with broody goose stealing ducks eggs

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    Mar 19, 2015
    I have a African Geese couple. The girl, named Zambia, got broody 32 days ago. The nest had one goose egg and 2 duck eggs. The ducklins already hatched. They are healthy and Zambia is a good mother. During Zambia hatching time my ducks where molting so they were not laying eggs. But a couple of days before the first duckling hatched the ducks began to lay eggs again. Then, Zambia began to steal the duck eggs to her nest.
    Because, the gooslin need more time to hatch we decide to let her keep the ducks egg in her nest. We were worry that if we take the ducks eggs away she will abandone the nest.
    The problem is that every day she steal at least one egg. Now she has at least 7 ducks egg.
    We are worry about her, that she get sick. We are going to wait until the the gooslin hatch and are plannig to take the eggs away.
    Does anyone has similar experience with a goose?
    Do you have any sugestion?
    She can die if she keep hatching more eggs?

    Zambia is one year old
    I live in Puerto Rico, we live in the tropics.

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