Help with chicken feet!

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    I got my Houdan Beyonce', this past summer. When she came to me her feet looked really funny and scaly and I thought well maybe that was because she was a Houdan as I'm a new chicken owner and my other two didn't look like that. After reading I discovered that her feet looked funny because she had scaly leg mites! After checking her over I also found that she had lice! So anyway, I gave her and all my other chickens a dose of Ivermectin. This seems to have cleared up the lice and the mites. Her scales are coming off her feet and for the most part they look so much better than before. Now I'm noticing that her feet keep cracking and bleeding. I don't know if this is because of the cold? I have no idea and I don't know how to treat this. I have been spraying her feet with Blu Kote anytime I notice blood. Does anyone know what else I can do to treat her? I would like for her to be a happy chicken again ...she stopped laying eggs back in August. I think she is about 2 years old but not sure since I got her from someone else. I can't afford a vet at the moment so any advice will help. Thanks so much! :)
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    Get some Bag Balm and coat her feet. The cracking is probably a factor of the weather and residual damage from the mite infestation. Bag Balm should help - it will also help 'smother' any scaly leg mites that may remain.

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