Help with choosing ducks


Sep 2, 2019
I've raised chickens in the past and am thinking about moving on to ducks.

I share a fairly large pond with several neighbors about yee big:


but it's more of a dog leg shape, surrounded by woods 60% of the perimeter; the other 40% being lawn. It does freeze over in the winter (Ohio)

The pond is frequented by Canadian geese, mallards, and sometimes herons.

My preferences:
1. The ducks be able to fly reliably enough to escape predators if necessary
2. The ducks prefer to be on water quite a bit; as my backyard is not that entertaining in terms of shrubbery.
3. The ducks still be willing to be pet and loved! (I don't imagine ornamental are as willing?)

Given these preferences:
[plan to hatch or buy them in the spring]

1.) Yay or nay with the pond situation?
2.) Ornamental or domestic
3.) Breed suggestions?

Thanks and feel free to ask follow up questions.

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