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    I know a little about color genetics in chickens, so i know you can breed blue, black and splash together, etc.
    But i was wondering what would happen if you breed at blue, black or splash to a laced chicken of the same breed?
    Would some come out laced and others come out solid? Or would the colors/patterns mix? I have no idea and have seen nothing on the subject.
    Any help would be great, thanks!
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    Since my english is bad I want to give someone else the opportunity to answer this one... ;)
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    Solid blue, black, or splash X laced = bunch of either blue or black birds with a little leakage.

    Lacing is a collection of many genes while solid blue, black, or splash is just two main genes at play, one of them being quite dominant to lacing as a whole, and thus making a solid bird with a little leakage (brown, red, or white color coming in on the neck and possibly breast and shoulders)

    Otherwise, solid speaking -

    Blue x Blue = 50% blue 25% splash 25% black

    Black x Blue = 50/50 black or blue

    Splash x Blue = 50/50 splash or blue

    Splash x Splash = 100% splash

    Blue x Splash = 100% blue

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