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We are finally enjoying our new coop my hubby built for our chickens. The have an attached enclosed run. I haven't added any DE yet to the coop or the run. My hubby is concerned about adding DE to the coop and run as he says if DE gets into their lungs it can be very bad and cause problems. He used to work for a pool company many years ago and DE was one of the items that they wore masks when handling it for pool filters. Since our kids have gerbils that bathe in dust like chickens do in dirt, can I use the same dust for my chickens? It's a lava dust for chinchillas and other rodents. The coop is about 3x6 ft filled with pine shavings. I checked my birds over really good and don't see any mites so far.
You can't use the pool type DE. It must be food grade DE.

You don't have to use DE. It just helps with parasites and won't cure an infestation.

I sprinkle it in bedding, roosts, nooks and crannies and on birds.
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it has to be food grade DE. i use it to dry things up in the spring or if there is a huge amt of poo in their coop. i don't use it all the time and i haven't had any issues with bugs/pests.
Thanks, I called around the local feed stores and looks like everyone carries it. #40 for 23-24 bucks. Should last me a while
DE food grade is another type of diatomaceous earth that your husband is aware of. Not only is this for birds outside the body to assist in mite and lice and also parasite control but is good to add to foods and even is mixed 1/3 to 2/3 sand bath mix. Sand Bathing is a regular chicken thing and you will find that they eat sand that goes into the crop and gizzard to help in processing the food they each but the DE also helps clean out the intestines and the digestive tract of any number of things.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I picked up a bag of DE and sprinkled into the shavings. I will also do the run when the rain stops and dries up a bit. I was reading online about food grade DE and that people can take 1 teaspoon a day for intestinal benefits. I'm curious if anyone here does this and do they see any health benefits? My bag says it's not for human consumption...

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