Help with diagnosing my chicken pls!

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Hi all. Need help with diagnosing my chicken. She wasn't laying a few weeks back, & her feathers were weakened. Then her feathers grew out, she was eating with her sisters & started to lay (she has a fairly weak shell but so does her screeching sister who went through a similar phase, so I don't assume that's an issue).
    Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed that she was sitting a lot in just the one position. I assumed her legs were hurting her so I brought her into the house, stood over her with her between my feet to check if she'd run off, she didn't. My mother & I came to the conclusion that her legs are ok (as sometimes now she does stand but in one permanent spot), & perhaps a vitamin deficiency is the route of her change.
    When she scratches herself she's quite delicate & does it half-heartedly.
    Sometimes her head is slumped or dropped so forward I assume she's dying, then she lifts her head up. But I believe she does that because she means to scratch. She is just not putting effort into anything at all.
    She isn't laying now.
    She segregates herself from the other chickens.
    She is on hunger strike & doesn't eat & won't drink; me or my mother make sure she gets something down her twice a day.
    If I move her anywhere she will just find the nearest corner or wall & stay there, then eventually sit forever.
    Her poo is watery eventhough she's not drinking & I only give her about 3 sips of water a day.
    Mum gives her Vit D and lets them all out into the garden daily for fun in the sun.
    At the moment she's in my bedroom & I think I'll keep her with me because she can be easily bullied by 1 or 2 others & I'd prefer for her to regain some strength.
    Is she depressed? I've had a depressed one before who at least fed herself.

    Thanks for any advice in advance guys.
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    Wow I just read your post and my 1yr old RIR started doing this since I let everone out of the coop for the day. They free-range all day and she won't even join them. I have never seen here lay an egg( I've had her since Feb this yr.) Her poo this morning was like clear water with a little white in it. I'm watching her closely. The other girls are concerned as well. I gave her a warm bath this morning and now she is in the coop in the corner.[​IMG]
  3. flowergirl60

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Austin Tx
    How is your hen doing today.?

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