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    Apr 30, 2011
    One of my hens, 20 month old austrolorp suddenly started getting white almost puss filled looking spots on her comb and waddles. I fear that I know what this is but just wanted to get a collective diagnosis. None of my other 8 hens show symptoms and this quickly appeared. I checked them before going out of town last week while the family kept them and when I got home noticed it. Its obviously irritating her because she is shaking her head. No new additions in over a year. The pics are the best I could snap, they don't like my SLR so I had to use the cell phone. Thanks in advance.
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    Aug 23, 2012 Avian Pox - How To Treat Your Chickens For Avian Pox

    Warty Growths on Comb
    The appearance of warty growths or sores on the fleshy parts of a chicken's head is not usually a health risk that the producer should be concerned with. These lesions are produced as the bird's response to fowl pox virus injected by a mosquito. The condition appears more serious than it actually is. A scab forms as the bird develops a resistance to the viral disease organism. The bird will not usually show other effects to the disease and will recover within a short time unless complications arise.
    A more detailed discussion of fowl pox is included in

    I hope these links help!!! GOOD LUCK! and Hello too!!

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