Help with duck beak mole?


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Jun 13, 2020
My duck has this wart like thing on her beak and I’ve noticed her wings look a big strange too. They look like they have been cut and have a strange kind of peach color to the ends... We have three adult ducks one male, one female that is bi- sexual, and the one with the mole and wing issues. She is a lesbian. She won’t go near the male when he is in the mood but she will mount the female.


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She is very likely a Buff-Orpington duck and she looks like she is about to molt. That's why her feathers look a bit ruffled.
As for that mole, i have never seen something like that! @Miss Lydia @casportpony
If she has no issues with that, i wouldn't do anything to it, but observe if it is growing or otherwise changing.
You could try to put some triple antibiotics (OTC at $-stores) on that thing if you want to.
She def looks like she is ready for a good molt. As for the growth on her bill might want to have a vet look at it. I haven't ever seen anything like it.
Ratty/tatty wing feathers are in abundance at this time of year for ducks that haven't molted since last fall. Nothing to worry about there.

Nothing to worry about with the ducks sexual activities -- ducks are like that!!

I've not seen a growth like that on a ducks beak before. As it is smooth, regular [not oddly shaped] and not distressing the duck, it is almost certainly benign. I would watch and see. If it remains as is, no worries. If it grows and becomes a nuisence, then a vet would need to deal with it.

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