Help with Duck Hatch: 18 Eggs, two pepped, one need assistance and the rest Stalled?

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    May 27, 2016
    On Wednesday at 9 AM two ducks peeped. One made a small egg hole, the other one made an egg crack.
    By Thursday 11 AM the one egg hole was larger, but no unzipping... very responses to talking.
    By Thursday 4PM no real turning or unzipping.
    By Friday 10 AM, no change, some drier feathers and helped out of the egg. Seems happy.
    Friday 10AM I expanded the 2nd egg pep hole and the check had peeped into the air sack and nothing else. Dead, but looked like it was there with his yolk 1/2 to 3/4 absorbed.

    What do I do with the rest of the egg's... I hear nothing. Although we have one very active pep'er making it hard to hear.
    I wonder if the humid dropped? They look ready to go as if they stalled at day 28. (It's day 30) Again these are Ducks (Silver Appleyard).

    The turning stopped on day 25-26, air looks good. Though I raised humidity. Lower temp to 99 from 99.5.
    Did not open the case from till Friday AM.

    Thought? Help? Too late to open any pep that has pep into the air hole and couldn't make it through the shell?

    Thank you!

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