Help with duck run construction


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
West Virginia
I am in the process of clearing out an area that was once a gravel parking area by my driveway.. It is covered with ground vines and very sharp large peices of gravel(think gravel road).. What is my best option here, should I cover the entire are with pea gravel or the like? Any tips or advice would be great
Think good drainage with ducks.

If you can scratch/dig up the existing surface and then add pea gravel to that it should be enough to ensure good drainage.

As you are already aware (I'm sure) ducks are very wet in both their waste and their play and making the set up environmentally stable from the beginning is a good idea. It'll make clean up much easier and you'll be inclined to do it more often
The existing gravel is deep in the ground so removing it would require a dozer(not something I can afford right I would think the larger gravel under the pea gravel would increase drainage...

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