Help with duck!! She can't walk on leg!

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    Feb 5, 2016
    Hi, my female duck took off for the day and returned home that night. I found her the following morning and she can not walk on her leg. She puts very little pressure and uses her wing. The webbing between the toes has been ripped. It seems as though maybe a snapping turtle grabbed her leg while swimming. The joint directly above the foot is very swollen and very warm. I think this is the main problem. I'm not sure if the joint is broken or everything is very sore. I have her in a tiny cage with fresh blanketing, food, and fresh water. She is eating, drinking, and pooping. I soaked the wound with warm water and applied blue coat to stop infection. I am receiving an antibiotic from tractor supply as well. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!! I don't want to put her down.

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    I treated an injured foot on a duck this spring. Keeping her confined to a small cage with a light sheet overtoo so she is forced to stay off jer foot is the best start. Get some vetwrap at tractor supply and gauze and polysporin. Disinfect her foot with something like rubbing alcohol or betadine then apply polysporin ointment to a small piece of gause over the a pad. Then take your vet wrap and cut a 5" long piece then cut it vertically in half ao u have two thinner strips. Wrap her foot securely but not so tight as to inhibit circulation. The webbing will fold up when her toes come together but thats okay as long as the injrued site is in contact with the polysporin. To secure the end of the vet wrap cut a 2 inch slit up the end, flip one end around to the other side and tie in a knot as you would a sling bandage or triangular bandage. Keep her in the cage for 4 days and repeat this process evey 3 or 4 days. Within 1.5 to 2 weeks you should see healing and inflammation go down. Ducks are tough! But they need to be off their feet while it heals and they will hate you for it but its only for a while. Mine had to be in a cage for a month but he would have died otherwise
    Make sure the vetwrap does not allow any poop or dirt into the bandaged area but make sure it isnt so tight its causing the circulation to be cut off (toes shouldnt turn white). Having the webbing folded up looks bad but honestly wont affect anything as its a short time and they will be off their foot anyway!
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