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From Lou Horton found here:

writes, "Worms-
Waterfowl are very susceptible to infestations of worms. They can host Round, Capillary and Gapeworms as well as nine different types of Tapeworms. Symptoms: failure to thrive and gain weight, birds limping, birds opening their mouths as if they cannot get enough air (Gapeworms). The best way to avoid the problem is to worm the entire flock twice a year with Levamisole in their water and then repeat the treatment again in ten days. The common earthworm is an intermediate host for Gapeworms and should not be something intentionally fed to waterfowl. Another effective treatment that also destroys any external parasites is Ivomec (it is an injectable swine wormer) given orally- three drops down the throat. Treatment with Ivomec should be repeated in three days. Ivomec will not be effective against Tape Worms. Use a product called Dronit for Tape Worms.

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The Ivermectin and Safeguard wormers are the best all around wormers for poultry of any kind. never heard of that one on Mc Murray before so cant give an opinion on it. A lot of times they are only mildly effective, if it were as good at being a broad spectrum wormer like the previous two, It would be much better known I would think.
Go to you local Tractor Supply Co, or any of the bigger feed and seed companies in your area and get the Ivermectin or Safeguard. They are fairly cheap, Ivermectin will be the higher priced one. But both are very effective at a broad range of internal, and external parasites. They are made for livestock but work great for poultry too. If you cant find it locally, go to
Jeffer's .com and order them online there, that's where I get all mine from anyway


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I've used Wormguard for years now with great results. The flax also is a great for their health and adds a great sheen to their feathers.

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