Help with egg turner plz

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    I was given an egg turner from a friend. I don't know a model or anything. It's yellow of that helps. I don't have a clue how to use it besides I k ow I put the eggs on and plug it up. What end of the egg goes down. If I had to guess I would say pointed bc that's how I store them.
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    Yup, pointed end down. Just put the turner in your incubator, plug it in (the incubator should have a hold somewhere for running the cord through--depends on the model), and put the eggs in. The turner will turn more slowly than you can detect just by watching--to be sure it's running, look at it after about an hour and see if it's in a different position. Put the eggs in pointy-side down and you're good to go.


    P.S. The Hovabator turner is yellow, and I think the LG is too. What incubator do you have?
  3. I don't know if I can help much...but yes, pointy small end down. The air space should be at the biggest end. I have a Duccle that lays almost oval eggs and it is hard to tell sometimes. I have two turners that go in my two incubators...but they were made to go in them. But near as I can tell a turner would work in any incubator that it fits into without getting stuck on anything as the egg channels tip back and forth.
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    Quote:LG is white.
  5. I bought mine at Tractor Supply and I think they are little giants although the box doesn't say so but the incubator is identical to the one on their website named that. I got the egg turners there too. Mine are an off white-eggshell color but the website shows them in black. The box says they were all made in the USA by Miller.

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