help with Embden gander...

Noah is there anything like a dog or snake that could have attacked him?
Sometimes mine gets some sticky grass that cuts kind of like a paper cut. Is he able to be handled so you can look at it closer? I usually use neosporin for small cuts. If you see two punctures then I would suggest snake bite and for that a definate trip to the vet is needed. anything that is small though I handle myself. Lemon juice cauterises (spelling?) blood if it has not clotted yet.
He might have just chewed on something sharp like the edges of fencing and cut the inside of his mouth. If its stopped thats probably what it was.
I can handle him!!! He also has it inside his mouth so would you really put neosporin on it or any medication? I also think that it has probably clotted by now but I want to know for future uses! I think that he probably just cut it somewhere while they were in the coop, we keep them in two dog kennels connected so he might have cut it there?
I would not put it inside his mouth... but I had one that had her bill scratched up by a cat. I put the Neo on it and she healed up pretty quickly. A goose has a high temp which is pretty quick to kill germs off of. Small scrapes and scratches usually heal quickly from what I have noticed.

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