Help with flooring - crushed rock

May 31, 2020
Hi I’m new here and was wondering...the area where we are putting our chicken coop is packed dirt with crushed rock. We did have some jagged pointy rocks there (for groundcover) but they have been removed. However we are finding that it’s impossible to get all the crushed rock and small pieces totally out. Would this be safe for the chickens feet if we covered with pine shavings as flooring? Or should we put some additional flooring down? Thank you


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You'll probably want a good, thick layer of bedding down just to absorb poop and prevent odor anyway.

Unfortunately, gravel is forever. *sigh* The prior owner of this property laid down a vast sea of gravel all around the house and garage and even a Bobcat didn't manage to completely clear the area where my SIL wanted to put her flower garden.

The chickens might manage to loosen the soil over time though.

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