Help with Frizzles PLEASE :)!!


14 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Please help with this needed I need to let her know if I am going to get him Today and I would have to get him BEFORE 2pm thanks!!!

Ok I feel like I am going chicken crazy here! As I said kids want to show and after I ordered and had all the chicks on teh way it hit.. They wouldnt be mature enough in Feb. So I am on the lookout for something not perfect but good for them to show. Found someone that wants to give us a Frizzle roo 4 mos old. Thing is I just got rid of some Roos cause we had to many. So I dont want to take this free Roo on if he is just going to be another pet as I dont need to have the Roos out number the hens. I am sure that the babies have a bunch of Roos. I have some pictures of him and need honest opinions
! HE is supposed to be 4 mos old THANKS AGAIN!!!



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He is cute, but he doesn't have very good foot feathering. Mine have feathered feet just like a smooth cochin. Other than that i can't tell you a whole lot
Four months can be really early to judge but ideally you'd like to see more width to his body feather and more foot feathering at that point.

Still some really are slow to do the whole poof out thing. He's a banty, he doesn't eat much, so seeing how he will grow won't cost you much. If he doesn't poof out more by six months he probably won't but that's not long from now.

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