help with gender of 8 week old bantam cochins


7 Years
May 27, 2012
Hi, i would love some opinions on these 2 bantam Cochin's. roo's or pullets, the one with the white feathering has a red comb and wattles and i haven't noticed much growth of them in a about week, i have also noticed that it is getting some iridescent coloring in the tail, the other with the gold feathering started off growing quicker in all over size but has slowed and has almost no comb or wattles. I got them at a farm store and no guarantees on sex. any help would be appreciated. I can't have roosters. Also can anyone tell me at what age aa Bantam rooster started crowing
Here are side view pics of them both, they were both hatched on April 4, 2012, so they are only 8 weeks old, they do have foot feathering just not alot of it, they could be a cross, but the farm i got them at keep there chickens pretty well seperated.
Thanks for all your help, i guess at this point i will just wait till i hear crowiing or see laying.
Update: heard crowing today, rooster is going, thanks for the advice. Anyone know how to put a young pullet that he ran with in with year old hens, right now the roo and pullet sleep in seperate quarters and i don't know how she will do without hime, they all freerange with the other hens but she is timid around them. I want to keep her so i can have more eggs. Any help is appreciated.

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