Help with gender of dumped chickens


7 Years
Mar 1, 2015
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with some chickens that were dumped on our property.
Two groups were dumped since a local paper had an article about people in town having chickens and they will be fined. Three red hens were dumped first . We couldn't catch them but put food and water out. They seemed very hungry and thirsty . Sadly predators got them and only feathers were left.. The second group had a red hen , a blue hen and 5 Barred Rock juveniles. The Barred Rocks are still making a baby sound. I have no idea of their age. We caught the red hen and 4 rocks. We caught them at night because they were roosting low in bushes. My Pointer was able to point them and I caught the five. I missed the blue hen and one barred . I'm afraid they are all Cockerels.
I will try to post pictures. The pictures aren't very good but they are scared. I got pics of two.
Any guesses on age or gender would be appreciated.
20210727_194014.jpg 20210727_183903.jpg

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