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Jan 27, 2011
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I posted these two at 4 weeks and was told probably both boys due to wattles and redness, at 8 weeks I was told the Australorp was likely a pullet and the Wyandotte was probably a roo, now they're 12 1/2 weeks and wondering what the thoughts are. No crowing from either yet. I'm starting to think the Australorp is a cockerel and though I was positive the Wyandotte is a roo, someone here told me to watch out for shiny, pointy feathers and I don't see anything like that yet.

ETA: They both had developed wattles by 4 weeks old.

1. Australorp

2. Wyandotte


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I would hazard a guess that the Australorp is a roo. Just that the feathers round it's neck are a bit on the pointy side and I wonder if the feathers at the base of the back are starting to become saddle feathers. But it's hard to tell, I had pics on here of my Australorps at 12 weeks I think and everyone thought all pullets or pullets and one roo but it turned out to be 4 roos and 1 hen. And the fox ate the hen

If I remember rightly they were really quite old before we were sure what they were so you might be waiting a bit longer.....
Aw, sorry about your hen.
I'm okay waiting longer, but it's fun to guess! I'm trying to learn more about the different breeds and how they develop too so I love to hear the opinions as they grow. It is funny how much some of them change though, from being almost definitely roos to almost definitely pullets and back again.
I wondered if those feathers by the base of his tail were the pointy saddle feathers I see talked about too, but I'm not sure how to tell?
Yeah, role reversal. Your Australorp really looks rooish with the tail feathers and hackle feathers and the Wyandotte looks really girly to me.
I'm not going to guess on the wyandotte, but I think the australorp is a roo. Mine didn't get that red until 24 weeks or so. And the tail looks male to me. Here is mine at about 20 weeks (and yes, she's a she LOL).

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Here's some pictures of my Australorp Roo, Lucky Jim (he's lucky because out of the 5 Australorps I had, he was the only one who survived the fox)

Here he is at approx 20 weeks


And then about 6 weeks later


He's a big lad now!! Lovely though, just wish he wasn't so noisy!
I don't know about the other, but....That Australorp is gonna croooooowwwww!!!!
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Those older Australorps are gorgeous! If the Wyandotte ends up being female, we may keep the Australorp. My daughter adores the Wyandotte though and I don't want too many roos around here.

Oh, and not sure if size means anything, but the Australorp is one of my biggest of my nine older ones, even though he is the youngest.
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