Help with hatching in cold weather

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    Feb 27, 2012
    I need some advice. I have a broody chicken. She has been sitting on wooden eggs for 5 days now. I just got some fertilized eggs to hatch. It is sooooo cold now. I live in NE OK. I have a rabbit cage to put her in with food, water, and lots of bedding for a comfy nest that I am going to put in the coop. My thought is she can sit in peace in her own space. The nesting boxes in the coop are off the ground and I don't think she has enough room for chicks. I also don't want them to fall. My question is, is it too cold for her to hatch? Will she be OK in the cage in the coop until the chicks hatch? I have put a cover on the top and 1/2 way up on the sides to protect the chicks when they are first hatched. My thought it to keep her within view of the flock so they aren't so mean to her when she is back among them with babies. Any help would be appreciated.
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    She will be fine. Our farm is near OKC!!!

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