Help with Hatching Wild Turkeys

Rocky Top Chick

10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
North Carolina
I was given 8 wild turkey eggs to hatch, but have no idea how old they are. The shells are completely full with a little bit of space. we have been turning them but now I wonder if they should be in lock down. Any help will be appreciated. I am only hatching them, not keeping.
I just hatched 9 today that I've been incubating for 2 weeks.

If you are using a high powered light and can't see much space, listen to them - hold 'em up to your ear and tap on the eggs to illicit a response ... mine started pecking back - and you could feel 'em trying to wiggle in your hand inside the egg. I would go ahead and raise up your humidity, but I would still turn just a tad 2x a day (like roll 'em barely, or even just rock the egg a bit like the hen would) and just keep a really close eye on the eggs... good advice was given to me - lay them on their side leave them for 10 hours and then candle while dark in bator - where the bottom of the aircell is on top. keep an eye out near that area when you peek in, they'll pip near there. when you see your first pip - get your humidity up to 65+% and just leave them be for then on. I did exactly this and 9/10 (#10 quit on me late in the incubation) of my wild easterns hatched today. and I will warn you, these buggers hatch FAST - first pip was yesterday afternoon - by 5 am all were pipped - between 7 am and 2 pm every one of my eggs had hatched.

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