help with hot wireing coop


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May 21, 2009
san diego, cali
Im wanting to use hotwire but dont want to just jump into doing it and finding a much better way to do so. I'd sure love to see some shots of how others have done it so i dont make too many mistakes.. Thanks for anyone who can help out.

PS.. Not sure where to post this so posting here and 'construction' area.
My webpage shows where I set my electric charger. The line instructions are very easy and found in any of the charger boxes. You just run the wire to the insulators that you locate on posts for the fence or on separate electric fence posts. I use both.

Google install electric fence and you'll see several websites...most for horses. Don't make it complicated. It's not.

A lumberyard or store that sells this stuff locally can walk you right through it. And many have a small display of different setups.

Good luck. It's worth it.
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oh my gosh, but thats "what i do"
I will 'try' to do what you suggest... as in... ***dont make it complicated*** and i think that is the hardest part, convincing myself that this is not medical science or deep dark secrets that im going to uncover on *how to* do it right.. Just get it done!!! Thanks! sometimes i need a little shove in the right direction...
OK, I took a couple of pics. First is attached to the posts used in the run. Two lines down low and one line high.


The end of my run is a metal shed. The raccoons wanted to come over the top into the run. These two lines stopped them cold. The metal shed is naturally grounded to the soil.


This is along the chain link fence using electric fence posts.

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