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Sep 13, 2009
These are my baby chicks from the Rainbow pullet mix from They are about 2 weeks old. These are my first set of chicks so I have no idea what they are. Any ideas? Thanks




Can't help but i can tell you it took us about 2 months before we finally figured out our assorted chick order. That was half the fun of raising them. LOL Good Luck and i'm sure someone else will have an opinion.
We are getting ready to split the order with a friend and they were just hoping to have an idea before taking them home.
The white ones with a single comb and yellow legs looks like White Leghorn. I see one with a "flat" comb that is white, it might be a White Wyandotte. If it has "muffs" or green legs its an Easter Egger. The white chicks that are feathering out red/brown are probably Sex link. Of courses these are just suggestions. I got the Rainbow Layer mix from MPC also and I change my opinions daily, but I love the guessing game.

ETA I see one Sliver Laced Wyandotte and two Brown Leghorns (or could be Welsummer).
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In the third pic there is a black chick with silver on her, that is a silver laced wyandotte. That is the only one I can help with. Anything with green legs is an EE.

Just looked again, in the second pic, in the top left corner, there is a black chick with a white spot on the top of her head, I think that is a Barred Rock.
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