Help with identifying hens breed

Mr Clean Kansas

Apr 6, 2019
I thought this bird was a rooster when it was younger. Mostly going by the tail feathers. Then she never developed waddles and she started laying eggs that are like a chocolate brown and green combined. She has a slight beard. I hatched these eggs this past spring. They were all supposed to be black copper marans. The breeder I bought the eggs from raises several breeds. I'm guessing that a rooster jumped a fence or something. Maybe black copper maran and Easter egger cross. The tail feathers are what is confusing me.
I know it looks like a rooster, but I am sure she lays eggs. Have actually seen her lay one. Also, the rooster in my flock mate with her.
Can you get some more pictures? And are you 100% positive this is the one laying eggs? Because this girl really REALLY looks like a rooster.
Here other photo. Also the 2 egg at top are hers. The rest all belong to black copper marans. She even looks kind of like a black copper maran. Minus the waddles.

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