Help with identifying what breed of rooster this is please


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10 Years
Sep 25, 2009
I bought this rooster from a nieghbor and he said that he was a cross between a RIR hen and the rooster is unknown. If you have seen a rooster like this before let me know. I think he may be half Welsummer or Maran, but I don't know that much about other breeds colors.
Until today I had not seen any pictures of a Maran. But after seeing those on another post in this section I think he is 1/4 Maran 1/4 something else and the other half RIR. I'm just guessing, I really don't know. I do like the looks of him and THANKS for the compliments. I think the dude I bought him from said that If I crossed him with RIR's the hens will come out black and the roo's will come out who knows what color. I keep him and give it a try. If ya'll see any pictures that look similar to him, let me know so If I sell any day old chicks out of him I will know what to tell folks.

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