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9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
So someone just dropped of hens and put them in my coop while I was at work.( post over in managing your flock) 3 of them have scaley legs and body mites/lice. Which ivomec do i get the injectable or the pour on. If it is the injectable do I inject it or just put drops on them and where do I put it? I did a quick search but many of the links no longer worked withing the posts. All my other hens have already been exposed to them as well as my coop so I need something quick that will curb all this before it gets worse.
I do the pour on. A few drops on the backs of their necks and they should clear might want to treat your other birds at this point too. Rub some vaseline into the legs to suffocate any mites, but also to loosen up the crud so it will flake off.

Good luck!
Someone just dropped them off without talking to you? How strange.

Anyhow, i use the pour-on, the blue stuff for cattle. A couple drops on the back, base of neck, make sure it gets on the skin as if it hits the feathers you lose it. Treat all your birds. i would isolate the new birds, if you can, as you don't know what else they might be carrying. For the scaly leg mites, rub vasoline on their legs. You will also need to clean and treat your coop.
thank you all. I need to go to the feed store and ask exactally what they have. I have only really seen the injectable and drench and the drench was over 100 dollars.

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