Help with my baby chick's wing!


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
I am pretty new to the whole chicken thing though I have succefully raised my first set of baby chicks to pullets without a problem. Now I have recently gotten another batch and one of the chicks is causing me concern. Since I am on unfamiliar ground I don't even know what to make of it.
On the chick's left wing, at the base, the feathers stick out while the top feathers stay close to the body like a wing normally does. I also realized that on the underside it's red, there's no fuzz growing and looks almost dry. I know some say it could be the armpit but it's too big of a spot and the other wing is not like that. On top of all this, when they started to develop that tuff of feathers at the top of the wing near the shoulder it didn't develop on the wing (or at least not yet) though it did on the other. The wing also seems to be a little weak as well.
I have heard of Angel Wing when I was researching what this could be and though it sounds like it to me I couldn't find out if this was only in waterfowl. I have just checked on my baby chick and the feathers seem to be in line and not as weak though the rest persists. I don't know if this has corrected itself, or if it was a fluke, or what. I am sooo confused. If anyone can tell me their thoughts or ideas about it PLEASE let me know.
Pictures would be helpful to get more of a visual of what's going on. I have a chicken that was born without feather tracts under her "wingpit" and also along her belly.


A picture of what mine looked like as a chick. Sunny never did grow feathers there and I have to moisturize her skin in places because it gets crusty at times.
Thank you so much for helping me the best you could. I am still going to search this out. I think i'll take it to a person i know who knows EVERYTHING about chickens to see what he says as well. Well, just wanted to say THANK YOU.

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