Help with my sickly chicken


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
Hi, I have a frizzle chicken who is about 5 months old. We have had her for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday I noticed that her right eye was closed and seemed to be sensitive to the light. She wasn't real eager to get out of the coop like the other 2 chickens.

Our male bantam brahma is 6 months old and our other 4-5 month old female frizzle. They are all the same size.

Today she has been acting lethargic; laying around under the butterfly bush with her wing spread out and her eyes closed. She is normally walking around eating grass or whatever she can find. Her poop is also runny.

We feed them bread everyday, Formax chicken feed everday, meal worms on occasion, and various vegetables.

I also applied Neosporn to her eye.

I am not real sure what else I can do, can anyone help me please?


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5 Years
May 14, 2014
I realize it's been many years since you posted it but I found your post searching for answers for my probably 3.5 month old bantam white frizzle hen... I think she is very sensitive to light, likely because of her all white color i'm assuming. She keeps her eyes closed almost always now but seems ok otherwise. I emailed the person I got her from as she had mentioned the frizzles were 'fragile' and she said they should be kept in the shade and that the genetics of the chickens from the breeder she got them from weren't very good so she wouldn't be getting any more from them. well now I'm in love with this sweet little girl and was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this with one of theirs? I just want her help her thrive as much as I can.

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