HELP! With Picking The Fertile Eggs!

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    Mar 28, 2007
    Okies hi again!

    My biggest problem is picking out the fertile eggs (and the fact that i dont have a incubator or broody ATM) okies i got my new hen about 10 days ago, she has been in her pen with him for 10 days and she has laid 2 eggs at around day 7 and 8 but i dont know if they are fertile or not, also is there a way to make a hen go clucky? or will she sit on the eggs when she gets a good sized clutch?

    I have only had "Chickens" when i was away because all of my hens Bar the sussex are for laying purposes and the sussex are for me to breed, anyway about my first batch of chickens, all was fine in the start i had 2 hens gone clucky side by side (they were sisters, They did everything together) there was 12 eggs i candled all of them at 7 days, i had some very large embryos in some and some very small ones in others, at about day 19 my chook pen flooded but my hens were still sitting, i pannicked and sought after something to raise the hens ad the clutch out of the flood water (as i diddn't have nest boxes at the time) i saw a plastic board carton thing and decided to use that but i noticed it had holes in itso i stuffed the holes with straw (all but 1) i had to go on a holiday but i diddent want to leave the hens, i still had to go, when i returned home all of the eggs had fallen through the hole (bar 2) so i kept the 2 and put it under the hens again because they were still warm, the next day after i got home from school i heard a loud sSSSccCCCRRRREeeAAACCChhhh (screatch) i ran up mthe back and checked under my hens and now there was only one egg, i peered into all of the holes and in the last one i check was a baby it was black with gold barring (a well sought after colouring in the Australian Pitt Game breed it is extremly rare) it was alive but very very weak, it had a huge yellow thing on it stomach like a ball but anyway i showed it to my hen and placed it in front of the first one, she panicked and flew out of my cage my last resort was Mc Nugget my favourite hen (before she died with the others) she would let me and only me touch her clutch of chickens with her last owner i showed her the baby, imediatley she came and checked it and went back to her nest the baby was still very weak so i placed it a little closer to mc nugget it crawled right under her and that is where it stayed fr about 12 hours before it died. after 25 days of waitiing for the other egg to hatch i decided to make the hardest decision of all and crack the egg open what i relised when i did it was a rotton egg but it showed up properly every time i torched it. how weird!

    if you have any tips of picking fertile eggs and how long after the 10 days the eggs will be fertile just post here!
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    I read this one earlier. I wish I knew more about it to be of some help.
    I am so new to being a chicken owner that other than what i've read I simply don't know.
    I hounded my 83 year old Aunt about it and she said just to leave them be and let nature take its course. - THAT'S SO HARD TO DO!!!
    I want to increase my flock too so I am waiting and wondering just like you are on this one.
    Good luck!

    Donna Sue
    Proud mother of 4 boys, 2 hens, 2 ducks, and one lucky rooster. [​IMG]
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    Patience cashmere. The people best suited to answer this may not be online right now.

    As far as fertility goes. You should wait 2 weeks before even bothering to check for fertile eggs from your hen.

    Never have found a way to "make a hen go broody"(clucky).

    If you don't have an incubator then you will just have to trust the judgement of the hen. She will know when to start incubating eggs IF she is in the mood to do it.

    She may lay 6 or more in the nest before starting to incubate them. Once again that is "IF" she is BROOODY at the time.

    Your mother hen probably abandoned that chick because she knew there was something wrong with it.

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