Help with raising a baby duck


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Hey guys I'm new to this site but I was looking to adopt a baby duck and I live on long lsland new York ans I've had one before and I loved it, if anyone could help me I would appreciate it
Ducks need plenty of water. Numero uno.
DO NOT give them medicated chicken feed. Look for ones specifically listing ducks.
They are messy but are fun and easy to love. Make sure they have clean water as much as you can give them and water to bathe in.
they need warmth but you may decrease the degree as he ages weekly. if hes huddling under a lamp- hes too cold
if hes far from the lamp1 hes too hot.
They are messy so clean them as often as you can so he doesn't get damp feathers or cold and get sick.
you can also mash up a hard broiled egg and sprinkle duckling food on top to get them to eat.
I have found that grates are helpful to decrease messes. and give them something cushy to lay and sleep on.
other than- you should be golden! Anymore
questions just pm me!
Good luck and have fun! :D
Also be careful with heat lamps or bulbs as they CAN catch on fire. Just be careful , they need a little supervision to make sure all is well. and DO NOT use newspaper they cannot get good footing. but you can shred it by hand - not too small or they can ingest it. good luck!

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