12 Years
Mar 17, 2010
essexville, michigan
I planted some raspberry plants this spring, some have grown about 2ft, others have grown only one ft. What do I need to do with them now that cold weather is coming? I'm reading where the new plants won't have fruit this year, but will next year, some of the taller plants look like they have fruit starting, what's with this? Thanks
Sounds like they're confused. Raspberries are usually a late spring/early summer crop.
After a hard freeze they should cycle properly next year.
Have they had enough but not too much water? IMO they should have grown well more than a foot this summer.
should I just leave them alone until spring? I have a friend that has 4 plants and after 2 years only watering them when it rains have only grown about 1ft.
I prune mine in the spring. There is a very good you tube Video on how to prune them and care for them. It took a couple of years to get mine to produce well and now that I know how to care for them they are producing very well. I will look for the video and try to post a link.
I can't figure out how to post links on my phone and have no access to a pc right now. But if you go on you tube and search how so I prune raspberrys the video is from the university of Maine. Hope this helps.

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