Help with Roosts in a Small Space

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    First of all, I've converted the back bedroom of an old motor home into a chicken coop. I've got the placement of my roosts the way I want them, however my nesting boxes are below. They end up being in the way and I have to crouch down when I go to collect my eggs or clean the coop. I have all the roosts screwed down in place currently, I had a few ideas myself on how to fix this problem. I wanted to see if anyone has a good idea to make them easily movable to collect and clean! Thanks in advance!



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    We made plywood roost holders - but I have 2x4's for roosts. The roosts lift out for cleaning or replacing with new ones quite easily.


    And [​IMG] Glad you have joined us. It's not too late to post a thread under new members to get a proper welcoming. Good luck with getting your roosts and nests changed to make your management issue easier.
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    How many chickens do you have? Do you need that many roosts?

    I mean that to be a preview, not a submittal. I don’t think you are talking about removing the roosts every time you collect eggs, but here is how I made my tree limbs easily removable. Drill holes and use a large nail or bolt to hold them in place.


    I can’t come up with any great ides to fix that other than potentially removing a roost or relocating them closer together and you already said you like how they are. How many nests do you have anyway? Can you relocate them out from under the roosts? But I’m sure you’ve considered that.
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